Escape into Literature: Mariane Alcana Recommends these Great Reads

There has been a significant increase of people who describe themselves as “homebodies” due to the circumstances of the Covid pandemic. People have discovered their love for reading, not just for intellectual gain but for leisure. Many have often gravitated towards fictional words as a source of escapism and happiness.

If you’re looking to escape for a bit, here are some books to take you away from the real world so that you can indulge in something new.


People We Met On Vacation by Emily Henry: 

Despite the cold weather being upon us, who doesn’t love a cute romantic book that takes place in the summertime! The summer setting of this book can bring warmth to your winter heart and brighten your day. This story is a best-friends-to-lovers trope between the characters Alex and Poppy. Poppy is an online personality that posts all about her travel-filled life. Despite her life seeming perfect online, she feels unfulfilled and decides to reconnect with her best friend Alex. 

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid:

Daisy Jones and the Six tells the story of how a famous rock band in the 80s got their head start in their career, only to just split up with no explanation.The band members come back for a final interview, after many years later to tell their story. Reid does an amazing job of building these characters that have flaws you can sense from a mile away, while also presenting them as idols that the public worships. If you enjoy books that focus heavily on characters, this is a must read!

The Atlas Six by Olivia Blake

A secret society, called the Alexandrias, travels the world every decade to recruit six of  the best magic users to perform unknown tasks. These six magicians are training together while also being each others’ rivals. This book is action packed, filled with “will they, won’t they” romantic and platonic relationships that will keep you craving more.