Nanuet Welcomes Ms. Pena

Urvi Bhatnagar

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Ms. Anellys Peña, is the new psychologist, and a new addition of the Nanuet Senior High School staff. Ms. Peña just recently graduated from the College of Rochelle, and worked as an intern at Ardsley School District. She started her undergraduate degree at the College of Rochelle, and switched over to SUNY Potsdam in order to finish her undergrad study. However, in order to gain her Masters Degree, she returned back to study at the College of Rochelle. According to Ms. Peña, entering Nanuet High School for the first time was quite intimidating, especially if you have no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, the moment she arrived at our school district, everyone was welcoming. Being a part of the district and a part of the community makes her feel as if she is part of a family, in which everyone is willing to help.
According to Ms. Pena, being a psychologist in High School is very different from sitting in a classroom and learning from the professors, or opening a textbook and reading from these books. This is a new experience for her; one that she is quite excited about. Ms. Peña feels that she is adjusting well, especially because she has been given the proper tools to succeed, and she is able to reach out to her peers if she is ever in need of assistance or some provision. Ms. Peña is enthusiastic about the fact that Nanuet Senior High School has added this new position to the staff department this current year. She said that there is a lot of responsibility and work that can overload one person. Therefore, she is happy to be on the team along with Dr. Reder, who has been a part of the school district for many years.
The one potential impact that Ms. Peña hopes to make to the school is an increase in mental health awareness. There are a man students who are suffering from anxiety and stress, and Ms. Peña wants these students to know that it is okay to take it easy. She said that everyone needs to take up a mindfulness activity so that they can be given a time to relax. Ms. Pena also wants students to know what anxiety really is, and what coping mechanisms there are to overcome or slowly improve it. She hopes to raise awareness on the situation so that students can understand the reality of their mental health. Therefore, Ms. Peña wants everyone to know that if there is anything anyone ever needs, everyone is welcome because her door is always open!

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Nanuet Welcomes Ms. Pena