Coat or no coat? Even in the cold-weather months, many students choose no coat. But why? Senior Keira Devine is on the scene to investigate this baffling mindset.
30 and Below: Why Teenagers Refuse to Wear A Coat
Keira Devine, Features & News Editor • April 18, 2024

Parents every day shiver as their teenager walks out the door to brave the bone-chilling weather, armed with nothing but a hoodie. The Knight...

Calling all seniors! Seniors in the cast and crew of Seussical the Musical pause and pose for a picture.
Come One, Come All, Come Big and Small: Nanuet High school presents 'Seussical The Musical!'
Hannah Lav, Staff Writer • April 12, 2024

Students, staff and the entire Nanuet Community was in for a treat on March 8 and 9, as Nanuet Senior High School presented Seussical The Musical! Seussical is a fun musical...

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Some members of the cast and crew of Nanuets production of Suessical take a moment to pause on the stage for a photo before the doors opened for the audience to see the show.
It's Showtime! How to Survive Tech Week (AKA 'Hell Week')
Hannah Lav, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

Tech week, the first time everyone is in costumes, when microphones and the pit and all different crews come together, is definitely the most stressful part about being in...

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Nanuets production of Seussical the Musical ran Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9, to a nearly packed house of enthusiastic audience members.
'Seussical the Musical' a Success Under New Direction of Ms. Sadoff
Isabel Gallegos, General Manager • March 18, 2024

The curtain closed on Nanuet Theater’s production of Seussical the Musical this past weekend, as the auditorium erupted in applause and standing ovations. Audiences were...

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For anyone who has lost a loved one, a picture of them can either be the best or the worst thing possible. In this photo, the articles author, Bridget Cording, poses as a child with her beloved grandparents.
Grief: An Enemy To All
Bridget Cording, Staff Photographer & Writer • April 26, 2024

Grief. It’s a very strange thing. By definition it means “deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death.” It has a definition...

Jersey art created by Bella Fermin.
How Do the New NBA Jersey's Score Against One Another?
Ari Leiken, Staff Writer • April 17, 2024

With every new NBA season that has had Nike as the sponsor, new jerseys are released that are meant to represent their city’s roots. This year...

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