2022-2023 Staff

Managing Editor

Owen Whelan

Owen has been a writer for The Knight Times since his freshman year in '19. A highly distinguished critic of online duck videos, he's in Chamber Orchestra, Big Musicians, Culture Club, and more....

Opinion Editor and Staff Writer

Ella Donoghue

Ella has been writing for The Knight Times since 2020, and editing since the start of her junior year. In addition to writing for the school newspaper, Ella is also co-president of the Women’s Issues Now club and the Secretary of...

Staff Writer

Keira Devine

A vehement writer since elementary school, Keira is beyond excited to be on staff for The Knight Times. She is also an avid persona in Nanuet Music, specifically drama. In her free time, you can find Keira listening to Taylor S...

Staff Writer

Isabel Gallegos

A newly impassioned writer for The Knight Times, who is heavily involved in all things creative and change-making. Isabel is also a lifetime violinist who is part of Chamber Orchestra, Big Musicians, Drama Society, Interact, WIN, D...

Staff Writer

Kate Gleeson-Feldman

A new addition to the staff of The Knight Times, Kate loves all things music, and  musical theater. A part of the varsity lacrosse team for five years, she is vice president of the Drama Society and a member of Varsity Athlete...

Staff Photographer & Writer

Bridget Cording

A new photographer that is very excited to have joined The Knight Times. She loves all things Disney, writing, reading, and collecting (primarily Disney) pins . She is also involved in the Nanuet Drama Society, Tennis, and the ...

Staff Writer

Ari Carrillo

A fresh writer for The Knight Times, but looking to stick with it until graduation. They're an adamant lover of all things video games and a total geek for slasher films and musicals. They're also involved in the Nanuet Drama...

News Editor

T.J. Lanks

T.J. has been writing for The Knight Times since early 2021 and likes to help keep the community well-informed. He enjoys science, reading, and music, and he is involved in a variety of clubs, such as Culture Club, Science Olymp...

Feature & Entertainment Editor

Trisha Yu

Trisha has written for The Knight Times since freshman year. She plays the viola in orchestra and enjoys art, history, and reading. Clubs that she contributes to include Big Musicians, Chamber Orchestra, Art Club, and Literary...

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