Worth the Watch: Shane Romer Shares his Viewing Recommendations

There’s always a show or movie that everyone is talking about but how do you know if it’s worth your time? Here on “Worth the Watch” I’m going to break down Netflix’s most popular entertainment, including the good, the bad and the questionable. 

A show that blew everyone’s expectations away this year at the Emmys was Schitt’s Creek. The show was the first one ever to “sweep the night” winning a total of nine awards. What’s even more interesting is that this show didn’t even get this giant public attention until it’s 5th and 6th seasons. This comedy, created by Dan and Eugene Levy (an adorable father-son duo), is about a wealthy family that was defrauded by their business manager and have lost all their wealth. The only asset they get to keep is a town they purchased, as a joke, Schitt’s Creek (fitting for their situation obviously). 

Everything about this show is so well thought out and meaningful. All of the characters are more than fully realized and the audience can immediately understand each of their perspectives. Of course, being insanely wealthy, they all have these eccentric personalities, and watching them adjust to now living in a motel is quite humorous. The characters are so lovable and out there whilst having these real, human feelings. It’s super easy to get through the series with the episodes being only a half-hour. 

Although it’s a comedy this show does an excellent job of having moments of weakness and serious plot points while also remaining light-hearted and being a casual watch. Something this show does amazingly well, which means a lot to me personally, is its LGBTQ+ representation. In modern television, we are seeing more queer characters than ever, however, they are often one-dimensional and the extent of their storyline is coming out or just their sexuality. With the character David Rose, a gay man, there is none of that. There are no feelings of hatred or bigotry coming from their parents or anyone in town. This show is a safe space for the gay community to watch a gay character just be a person. That shouldn’t be a huge ask! Schitt’s Creek does an excellent job developing and normalizing this character, who is marrying a man, wears skirts, and is effeminate.. 

This year was the last season and they wrapped up the show beautifully, and on their clock. I love when shows understand they could make huge revenue if they just did a few more seasons but make the executive decision to stop it at the perfect spot because it makes sense for the plot, not their wallets. I highly recommend anyone reading to watch this show, it’s heartwarming, refreshing, and honestly, the entertainment people need to see in 2020.