‘Stuff From My Brain’ Album Review

Overall Review: I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Each song is unique, and has something that makes it stand out. Each song has at least one lyric or line that stands out as relatable. Being a fan of electronic music, I especially enjoyed the vocal effects on this album. I love organic instruments, but contrary to popular belief, it takes skill to make electronic music! Electronic instruments always add something special to emo music. I also loved Noah’s usage of breakdowns. You don’t normally hear that in Pop-Punk! My favorite tracks on this album were “LIFE’S A BIT,” “PITY,” and “WEIRDOS.”

Track #1 (“LIFE’S A BIT”): As I said before, “LIFE’S A BIT” is my top favorite track, of the three of my favorites on this album. Each song on this album was amazing, so I picked the ones that stood out to me as relatable and emotionally significant. I love the lyrics in this song, and they were very applicable to my life and how I was feeling when I first heard it. In this case, Verse 2 was the most relatable part for me. I also love the melody of “Just say something and break the silence!” I also loved the Forest Gump reference (“I guess that life is like a box of chocolates that I’m never gonna get”), as well. Lastly, let’s talk about the breakdown in this song. I love how the spoken interlude leads to it, and then the breakdown explodes. It was a very interesting and unexpected way to end the song.    

Track #2 (“STUPID”): I love this song and its lyrics. The second half of verse two was very relatable. I also love the chorus and the bridge. Noah chose to speak about Mental health and its effects on people’s relationships in this song. It is a very important topic, and even though it is spoken about a lot in Emo music, I feel that more genres should talk about it as well. I love the refrain’s melody (“That hasn’t happened to you yet, that hasn’t happened to you yet”), I can definitely hear a Blink-182 influence. I also love the lyrics, and how Noah describes his struggles with mental illness and that through those words people who are struggling can feel a little less alone in their struggles. 

Track #3: (“PITY”): “Pity” is also one of my favorite songs on this album. I love this song very much. The lyrics are very relatable for me. The lyrics that stood out to me the most were “Pity you’re a tad too angry for them,” “Pity you project your sad obsessions, You must have earned them all, they pitied you until your hands grew weapons” and “Pity you’re a tad too broken for them.” I also love the vocal effects in this song. When I listen to “Pity,” it feels like I am in space. It reminds me of Owl City, one of my favorite artists. It also reminds me of The Wounded World (Reimagined) by AS IT IS, another one of my favorite artists, who were also influenced by Owl City. 

Track #4: (“MIND BLANK NO THOUGHTS”): I love this song’s aggressive tone. It is very Punk influenced, like most of NOAHFINNCE’s music, but this one takes a more Screamo influence as well. It definitely gets its message across, and I love the message as well. It talks about adolescent depression, anxiety, and mental illness and how their feelings are not talked about or listened to because they are younger, and why they should be heard and listened to, because they are growing up in a world damaged by older generations. This song also has another breakdown as well. It is definitely more aggressive and loud than the breakdown in “Life’s A Bit” and that tone is definitely warranted, considering the urgency and sincerity of the message. 

Track #5 (“KICKIN TRASH”): I love the sound of this song, it’s very spooky. The spooky tone is definitely warranted as well, because the song is about the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, as well as how Noah felt like he was wasting time doing nothing. He states that he spent his time “just kickin’ trash.” The song also feels like you are running around clueless in a maze (the music video also reflects that) It feels very tense. I think that during lockdown, and also now, since the pandemic is still influencing our lives massively, we all feel like that. I think that, lyrically, this song is relatable for everyone. 

Track #6: (“WEIRDOS”): We have arrived at the closing track, and what a brilliant closer it was. I love this song. To me, it definitely is the most relatable, and emotionally significant song on this album. I’ve felt like a weirdo my whole life, and I’ve struggled with others acting like I was defective. This song is very anthemic, and it’s definitely an anthem for me. I don’t care what people think of me, and this song, along with countless others within this genre, showed me that it is okay to be proud of who I am and to not care what others think. The anthemic energy of this song also reminds me of “Welcome To The Black Parade,” by My Chemical Romance, which is another one of my favorite songs. Lyrically, this song is definitely my favorite song on the album.