Hannah Lav’s Top 5 Broadway Musicals


Image by Hannah Lav

Broadway is the #1 place to go to escape reality. Here is a list of 10 shows that I have escaped to and I recommend you do the same. If you can’t hop a train to NYC to watch them (most of them are also available on youtube), just hop onto Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music or your music-streaming platform of choice and go listen to the soundtracks. 


#5 Waitress

Waitress is my #5 because the artist who wrote it, Sara Bareilles, did a great job and also just a few months ago Jennifer Nettles played Jenna, the lead role, and she was absolutely amazing. Waitress is about a woman named Jenna who is a waitress. Throughout the musical, her songs are either about her life growing up or who she’s in love with at the moment or even just about how sad she is in life and how she thought things would be so different than the way they turned out. My personal take away from the musical is to not let people tell you what you can and can’t do because Jenna went through that with an abusive husband. Don’t let your friends tell you what to be, don’t let your boyfriends/girlfriends, or family control your future. The only person in control of you is you. I’ll give this musical a 9/10 rating!


#4. The Phantom of the Opera 

For starters, The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running Broadway show in history; it’s run for almost 34 years. The Phantom of the Opera was probably my 7th show I saw. I went with my family and the first thing we saw when we stepped into the theater was the big, iconic glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the stage. We get settled and about ten minutes later the show starts and I hear the first note coming from the stage and next thing I know I’m balling my eyes out. I was so excited to see the show and had been looking forward to it for the longest time. In the end, it was so worth the wait and the musical is just the perfect combination of dancing and singing, love, compassion, and moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Anything you could possibly imagine to be in a regular show you can find 10x more exciting in The Phantom Of The Opera! I’ll give this musical a 9/10 rating!!!


#3. Les Misérables 

Les Misérables is my #3 because Les Misérables takes place in Paris, France in the years 1815-1832. The storyline of the show is looking at the first French Revolution through the people’s eyes as they struggle through the Revolution and fight for change. It follows through many different characters and depicts the themes of love, war, death and poverty as they all represent different struggles in life. I’ll give this musical a 9/10 rating!


#2. Moulin Rouge 

So what’s this show about? “Truth, beauty, freedom, love”… Sorry, sorry! What I mean to say is Moulin Rouge is about Christian and Satine falling in love and the whole show is their story. Honestly, it just makes you look at everything beyond what it actually is. It’s taking everything into perspective and it teaches you that you really need to know a person inside and out to know you truly love them, that no matter what you will do everything in your power to keep them safe and that you will protect that person with all your heart. Of course, throughout the musical there are ups and downs, laughs and cries of happiness. You will only truly understand and not be at all surprised at this show if you have seen the movie. Throughout the show, Christian has his friends The Bohemians who are writing a musical called Bohemian Rhapsody and Christian writes all of the songs; all songs are love songs written for Satine. The music is mostly all modern day love songs and honestly the way they all intertwine is so amazing! This musical definitely deserves a 10/10 rating!


#1. Wicked

Wicked is my number one because Elphaba, the main character, (played by Idina Menzel in the original cast) is a strong and independent woman who knows that she doesn’t need people to tell her what to do. She doesn’t let anyone get to her and she gives the important life lesson of no matter what you look like or how people look at you, you’re just as special as anyone else and you should be treated with as much respect as the rest of them! Also, the music is just outstanding and on the soundtrack, Menzel showcases one of the best Broadway voices out there, the most powerful belt I have ever heard on a stage.  If I had to pick one word to describe Wicked it would be magical,  magical in so many ways. Elphaba literally flies in the air, she defies gravity, makes her point very clear that no matter what, we can do anything and everything we put our minds to. Disclosure, we won’t literally defy gravity in real life, so if you try and it doesn’t happen don’t yell at me! In all seriousness though, Wicked is my top must-see musical. This musical definitely deserves a 10/10 rating!