Knights Anticipate Opening Night of the Fall Drama ’12 Angry Jurors’


Kaely Mueller

The cast completes a read through of the script to prepare for the Fall drama.

After the success of Legally Blonde, all of Nanuet was on a theatre high. After three months of daily rehearsals and three sold-out shows, the wrapping up of the Spring musical was bittersweet for all involved. Legally Blonde was more than just a musical, but a milestone, according to junior Julia Lehane, who portrayed supporting lead Enid Hoopes.

Legally Blonde helped me gain a different type of confidence that I never experienced before.”

The thespians took the fourth quarter and summer to rest, but now they are back and ready to outdo themselves again with the fall drama, 12 Angry Jurors.

Based on the 1957 film 12 Angry Men, the drama is centered around 12 unnamed jurors trying to reach a unanimous decision on whether or not a nineteen-year-old boy is guilty for the murder of his father. 

This unique show is packed to the brim with alliances and betrayal, complex characters, and shocking plot twists. The structure of the show is quite unconventional, as it only spans one scene, with all actors on stage for the entire duration of the show.

Portraying Juror 11 is Nikki Williams, a senior, who agrees with the general consensus that the show’s unique structure sets it apart from other dramas.

“I think it’s interesting and definitely something we haven’t done before,” she said. “I’m excited to see how it’s going to turn out come tech week!”

The theatre department suffered a great loss with the graduation of the class of 2022 as it parted ways with 13 actors, 2 pit musicians, and 9 people from crew.

“Now that [the seniors] are gone, it does feel like the theatre department lost a great deal of that skill,” said Nina Zifchak, a sophomore. “But I think the people we have now and the freshmen that will come in will offer something just the same, or even better; we just have to wait and see!”

Like the three Nanuet shows that predate it, (You’ve Got A Friend, All In The Timing, and Legally Blonde) 12 Angry Jurors is directed by the fabulous Ms. Cokeley. Directing a full-length show, especially by yourself, is much easier said than done. The director builds the production from the ground up, from selecting the show to closing night. The idea of putting on 12 Angry Jurors briefly crossed her mind last year, but she eventually circled back to her original idea when making the final decision., according to Cokeley. 

“The factors that go into picking the show are who I believe is going to audition the following year, who I’m hoping we might have as new people,” Ms. Cokeley explained, “and what I think will show off who we have the best.” 

The play will take the stage Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5. Audiences are no longer limited capacity; so make sure to get tickets as soon as possible.

Keep your eye on the site for ticket availability.