The Top Ten Holly Jolly Holiday Jingles to Ignite Your Christmas Spirit


Trisha Yu

As the holiday season approaches, why not enjoy the ambiance of a relaxing winter-scented candle and indulge in some classic holiday tunes to set the mood?

The holiday season is rapidly approaching! Who can genuinely believe that (at the time of writing this) it’s already the middle of November? It feels like no time has passed at all. So, if you feel anything like that, and you can barely process the time that’s passed, you’re going to need some help getting into the jingle mood. Fear not, for these are the top 10 best songs to help you embrace the holiday spirit.


10) “Let It Snow“ By Dean Martin

This song’s a joy to listen to. It fills you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and paints a perfect picture of a gorgeous, white Christmas that you can enjoy by the fireplace with your family. Cozy up with a hot cocoa, a nice, heavy blanket, and play this song. It’s a great song with which to kick off this list.


9) “All I Want for Christmas is You“ By Mariah Carey 

Sorry, this isn’t going anywhere higher on this list. This song, while still pretty good, is absolutely overplayed. Yes, it earworms into your brain. Yes, it has fun lyrics and an absolute banger of a melody. Yes, it’s a great song. But its genuine value has been abhorrently worn down by how much it’s nailed into your brain every single time the clock ticks one minute past November 1 up until the final breath of Christmas Day. Corporations, small mom and pop shops, or whatever you want to fill here: stop playing this song every. single. day.


8) “Jingle Bells” By Frank Sinatra

Everyone knows Frank Sinatra, the relaxing lounge musician who made some of the best jazz music known to man. But, his Christmas music is arguably more iconic and of higher quality than most of his other tunes. This song, especially, shows that. The calm and yet upbeat and shoulder-bopping rhythm of this makes it great for a fun, cute little song for a Christmas party with your friends.


7) “Silent Night“ By Michael Bublé

To be honest, this has never really felt like a Christmas song in particular. The lyrics always made it feel more like a general winter song rather than a specific song for the holiday. But, that’s alright. This song is still great at making you excited for the pretty Christmas lights and the relaxing snowfall and the hot cocoa at 11:39 PM on a Thursday night before a snow day at school. You know the exact feeling.


6) “Deck The Halls“ By Nat King Cole

‘Tis the season to be jolly with Nat King Cole! This is a big-band Christmas tune, led by an amazing lead vocalist and fun ensemble. Whilst it’s really short, the minute or so you spend listening to it is an absolute joy, and gets you humming “fa-la-la-la-la” right along with him. 


5) “All I Want for Christmas is You“ By Michael Bublé

Yes. The artist alone without changing any lyrics or anything like that really makes a HUGE difference for the quality of the song. Unlike Mariah Carey’s rendition, Bublé sings this song far calmer and more relaxed, which makes it feel more romantic. You know, like how the actual lyrics are intended to feel. It’s so much better than Carey’s— and that’s a fact.


4) “Last Christmas“ By Wham!

This has quite a different tone compared to the other songs. Rather than being a traditional “jingle jangle it’s Christmas time” song, it’s a love ballad for the holiday season. The difference is most certainly welcomed, though, as it pairs a rather upbeat and mellow mood with a reminiscent and optimistic tone to create a colorful Christmas snowstorm in your head.


3) “A Holly Jolly Christmas“ By Burl Ives

This song’s a classic. It was even featured in one of the all time classic Christmas movies, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! It’s a fun little song that gets you in a gift-giving mood, and it perfectly encapsulates that feeling of going shopping for gifts at the mall.


2) “Sleigh Ride“ By The Ronettes

This is such a fun song! It has cute little jingle bells, a fun upbeat melody to bop your head to, great vocals, etc. Everything you can list that makes up a great Christmas song can be found right here. It’s great– it’s amazing! It’d be shocking to hear if you hadn’t listened to this song, but if you haven’t, go do it right now.


1) “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas” By Michael Bublé

Everyone knows this song. Everyone. And if you don’t; yes, you do. This is the pinnacle of Christmas music; it’s calming, it has a soft, gentle melody to get you all warm and fuzzy. It’s an absolutely divine experience to cozy up in a blanket with your warm, steamy drink as this song plays. It’s irrefutable; this is the best Christmas song that has ever been made.