Find Your Dress Style & Discover What Your Fashion Sense Says About You on the Inside

Artwork by Alexis McKoy

Artwork by Alexis McKoy

Sweatshirt or Hoodie? Sweatpants or jeans? Hat or no hat? These are questions some of you might ask yourselves after you wake up in the morning. But the clothing you wear goes deeper than the surface. If you only wear black, will you be considered goth? If I dangle the edge of my jacket, revealing my shoulder, am I considered vulgar?

I’d say clothing isn’t a label of your character, but a label of your feelings. People who might feel mad, or unhappy might wear different clothing to represent their frustration with their role in society. People who are shy and don’t like to talk to people might have a less eye-turning wardrobe than someone who prefers to be flashy.

But remember: the most important feeling that comes out through clothing is confidence. Confidence can radiate and is infectious. Those who prefer more revealing outfits tend to exude confidence, and can become a sort of shining light for others.  Some even take their confidence online, showing their outfits to others, or introducing style tips to strangers that want to have more confidence themselves.


Here are some styles that might speak to your emotions and confidence.


Minimalist Style:

A great place to start is a great place for any fashion diva to start, minimalist style. Minimalist fashion is explained in its name, minimal. It is about being simple and adopting the “less is more” mantra.  Someone who is into minimalist fashion might wear a white t-shirt and light-washed jeans. You might not think about it, but you could be into minimalist clothing.

This might not seem like a good gateway to confidence, but it actually reveals more about someone than one might think. Most people in the known world wear minimalist clothing. There is something about fitting in with people that drives some to be more minimalist. If you were an outcast, and had a chance to fit in, would you take it? The world doesn’t always revolve around one person, and there is comfort in knowing that. Confidence comes from what you believe, and if you believe you aren’t the only one fitting in, then you might be more confident than you had previously thought.


Elegant Style

This next style is more seasonal than year-round, but still deserves a shoutout. Elegance is seen to be more for kings and queens, but it is more than just royalty and wealth. Elegance might be the way you walk or talk, and more importantly, the way you dress. 

This style may seem like you think you’re better than everyone else, but it is not all black and white. Confidence isn’t just shown, it’s felt. So when you see someone wearing a blazer and dress pants, they’re not just trying to look that way for attention. They’re trying to make themselves look sophisticated, or in other terms, make themselves feel like they belong in a higher place. Feeling like you are good, and deserve good things, is what confidence is all about.


Cozy Style

Maybe you aren’t all in for all the work someone has to put in for all this fashion. But a sweatshirt and leggings isn’t as lazy as you think it is. Coziness is a style too, and it’s starting to get back its popularity. You might see people in the hallway wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants even, and they are participating in style.

Being cozy is being comfortable, and what is more confident than being comfortable? We’ve talked a lot about confidence, and it can mean many things to many people. To some people, when you are warm, and feel comfortable in an outfit, you might display happier and more confident behaviors. 


Gothic Style

Taking a big leap from cozy and elegance, we jump into goth. Goth’s are notorious for black and sadness. They might wear a black distressed sweater and distressed jeans. They might paint their nails black, or say stuff like “It’s such a cruel world.” But, as with coziness, everything isn’t all black and white, even for goths.

Have you ever had a strong opinion before? If you are a Giants fan, and someone starts cheering for the Jets, what would you do? It feels good to have your opinion be heard, and that is what being goth is all about. You might not be heard in a minimalist outfit, but with gothic style, people might listen. Just how some people like to follow the grain, some people like to stand out from the crowd. Dressing goth is a way for people to stand out, and stand up for themselves, in a way for everyone to see.


Street Style

I will wrap it up with my personal favorite style; Street! Street style is the classic off-the-shoulder jacket, cropped cami top, and distressed jeans. Street style is everywhere, but you might not notice it if it isn’t pointed out to you. Street style may be a little revealing, but it is still a way to show yourself.

Just like goth, street style is a way to express yourself in a way that people will notice. Not everyone is treated fairly, and the ones that get the short end of the stick might get more into street style. You don’t have to worry about dress codes outside, and the feeling of not being told no constantly is a great one. Confidence can show when you aren’t being told what to do, because you do what you want to do. And, since you’re amazing at what you do, your confidence will definitely shine.