Finally, No Finals! One Student Reflects on the Decision to Cancel School-Based Final Exams this Year

The whole school was buzzing about finals. Would they happen? Would they be cancelled? For a while it was really a waiting game, but we finally have an answer. 

During a School Board meeting it was ultimately decided to cancel school-based final exams. So what does this mean? There will be no final exams this year, however some students will still take certain Regents exams. 

Regents are state-issued exams that are necessary for a NYS Regents Diploma. However, the Regents Exams will also be a little different this year. They are no longer a requirement to graduate and it is up to the student if they choose to take it. The school recently sent out a survey which confirmed that some exams will be given, however, these tests are “no pressure” meaning students can choose, with the help of their guidance counselors, if prospective colleges see these scores or not. 

This was the best move because half the students are ripping their hair out just trying to get through the rest of the school year and the teachers are no better. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the Regents had been mandatory this year, the school would’ve seen record low scores. This, however, has got to raise the question of will we ever take another standardized test normally again? I mean, I’m certainly not complaining if we don’t. 

This doesn’t mean everyone is off the hook just yet though, as many teachers are developing final projects that will take place at the end of the marking period to assess student learning. 

So, whether you’re taking a Regents exam this year or coasting through with no finals, remember to relax because school is almost out!