A Call to Expand Your Curriculum: Join More Clubs


Art by Owen Whelan

High school is the final page of the prologue to one’s future. Many claim we find ourselves in college, but I offer that high school is the time in our lives where we can define what we have  potential to become. The classes we take, the things we do, and the people we associate with all shape our development, for the better or the worse. If we find ourselves in college, we definitely start the hunt in high school.

Thus, sticking with the hunting analogy, you should cover as much ground as possible.

Clubs, despite their titles or outside views, actually have different, more nuanced ideas. Diving deeper, you see clubs inside the club: the kids who draw, paint, sculpt, all in the art club; the strong talkers and the good researchers in debate; the heavy presenters and careful listeners in the culture club. Joining a club helps surround you with new people and new ideas, and expand your worldview in a way you wouldn’t have thought possible. Instead of seeing clubs as a way to get yourself under a roof with like-minded people, they should be seen as a gateway to new possibilities and experiences you wouldn’t see yourself in otherwise.

Exposing ourselves to different clubs and activities helps round us out as students. The Renaissance, a period characterized by monumental achievement, celebrated the practice of being well rounded — the “Renaissance man.” Rounding yourself out and experiencing a wide variety of clubs isn’t just for college admissions — it’s for exposing yourself to what the world has to offer and seeing what makes you grow as a person. You’ll find what you excel at and what you enjoy doing with your time. It’s very possible that a club or two could help you learn you’re a great speaker, solid team player, or even just really into an activity. 

Clubs are great for being with friends, too. I’ve seen myself grow closer to friends over projects and ideas in various clubs, and seeing the best in each other through the work that we do. Not only are you expanding your skill set in different aspects of life, you’re spending time with old and new friends.

A rapidly changing world calls for us to use multiple skills and ideas. Clubs help us to build these ideas and help us to find connections with others that can’t be found elsewhere; and while you find these connections, you might get a little closer to finishing the hunt.