Finals are Back: Check Out These Study Tips from Trisha Yu


Trisha Yu

Photo by Trisha Yu

So many of us have almost forgotten what it feels like to take a final exam (or even have never taken one at all)! Therefore, preparing for such a large test can be incredibly daunting, especially with the lack of midterms. One of the biggest challenges for many would be overcoming the hurdle of having to go through so much information in what seems like a short amount of time; so, there is no better time to start studying as soon as possible. Here are some tips that might help you ensure successful final exam studying, if you haven’t done so already.

Class and Homework Review Assignments

While the amount of classwork or homework given by your teachers at the end of the year may seem disproportionate to what you are used to, these assignments can often provide valuable insight on what areas of the class you may need a refresher on. Especially in subjects such as math and science, rewriting and redoing equations and problems solidifies your memory. Many teachers give opportunities in class to ask questions about the assignments, and that allows the whole class to review issues that many students may struggle with.

Finding Old Notes

At the end of every quarter or semester, it is not uncommon for students to clean out their folders of previous assignments and notes. However, those notes can provide invaluable as “study guides” for the final, and it is worth brushing off the dust on any old materials in order to review. Even if you are missing your old notes or threw them out, notes from fellow students or even online can serve as an adequate substitute. 

Creating a Student Study Group

Sometimes, reviewing material alone can be incredibly demotivating, or simply dull. One way to increase your studying frequency would be to confer with the friends that share classes to study together. Though it may not always be the most efficient way of retaining information, a casual Kahoot or flashcard session can help while also having fun. It is also a great way to relieve stress, because you will be reminded that you are not alone in the upcoming travails of final exams.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is still important to realize that in the long run, your final grade is worth less than 10% of your final grade. Even if you don’t do so well this time, it won’t affect your grade too catastrophically and you will have the experience needed for next year’s success. Ultimately, your physical and mental health has a priority over testing, meaning that you should ensure getting enough sleep and having enough to eat before any test!