Resolution Solutions: Tips to Boost Productivity in 2023

Every year, it seems that New Year’s Resolutioners whip up ideas for a brand new life to start living come January. With social media gaining such a strong presence in our psyches, the clashing ideals of a perfect life can make us feel as though we fall short. The never-ending journey of self-improvement can start to seem daunting. 


Many people are starting to wonder if New Year’s resolutions are even worth it. High expectations, coupled with a lack of structure, often lead New Year’s resolutions to fail. New Year’s resolutions tend to get a bad wrap, and it seems like people have stopped subscribing to the idea of them. 


However, the start of a New Year can also bring a much-needed sense of renewal. We often take this opportunity to do some healthy reflection, and express gratitude for the memories we’ve made. Creating a New Year’s resolution can be an optimistic and cheerful way to work towards these thankful feelings year-long. 


Is this tradition outdated, and just another one of society’s ways to make us feel inadequate? Or does the coming of New Year genuinely give us all an opportunity to create a better version of ourselves?


Regardless of where you fall, here are three tips to keep in mind this year to help you feel your best in 2023.


  1. Write Things Down


Taking time out of your day to journal and self-reflect is always a great start for a new beginning. Writing things down can even be a trend used all year long, as it can help you accomplish smaller daily goals. In fact, a study found that you are 42% more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down. Whether that means a post it note and a BIC pen, or a bullet journal and a calligraphy set, writing things down is a bonafide way to clarify plans and set the wheels in motion. 


  1. Systems over Results


Recently, some people have been rejecting the idea of finite goals altogether, and embracing the idea of building systems instead. Some feel that goals are too temporary, short-sighted, and oftentimes just another source of stress. On the other hand, building up systems through small, daily habits can be a more holistic strategy. James Clear’s best selling book, Atomic Habits, pioneered this concept and made waves in 2022. Little things, like snoozing your alarm, or skipping breakfast, add up and shape the way that you lead your life. Being more mindful about the habits you could make (or break) is a great start to feeling more confident in your lifelong journey of self improvement. Editing your habits can help you realize which are working for you, and which could be replaced by new ones. The takeaway is learning how to do more of what makes you feel good. 


  1. Take the Helm

Many of us feel as though life is happening to us, and not for us. However, we are each the architects of our own lives, and make daily decisions that influence our lifestyles. While pressure from the outside can make you feel as though you don’t measure up to the ideal lifestyle, we each have our own values and goals that ring true for us as individuals. Remember to make time for the things and the people that you care about, regardless of whether or not it’s trending in the mainstream. Being in tune with yourself and doing what comes natural is key to carrying yourself with confidence in 2023.