Nanuet’s Gay-Straight Alliance Club Supports Students

Not only are Nanuet’s clubs full of diversity, but many of them are also dedicated to diversity, too. Today, we’re looking into Nanuet’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club, and what it has to offer to our school.

For seven years and counting, Mrs. Kersh has led our school’s GSA committee. The GSA committee itself spans across schools in the nation, and is highly dependent on inter-school collaboration, with events such as conferences and workshops where students can meet other GSA members. They can share ideas and talk about what to do in the future and plans to accomplish the main goal of the club: creating an inclusive school community.

“GSA students have collaborated with other GSA clubs in other High Schools and have participated in a variety of different conferences in the community,” says Mrs. Kersh. “For several years, GSA students coordinate the day of silence.” 

This day of silence achieves a common goal to protest the harmful harassment and discrimination of the LGBT community. 

“The goal is to spread awareness about the effects that bullying has on students,” she says.

The Nanuet school community is very supportive of its LGBT students, according to Mrs. Kersh. “We are very lucky in Nanuet that administration, staff and students are supportive and accepting of students who may identify as LGBTQ/trans.”

Like most clubs, the pandemic has had an impact on GSA’s meetings, Mrs. Kersh explains. 

“Online learning has impacted GSA membership,” she says. “I think students feel more comfortable meeting in person in a confidential, safe space. Also, it has been difficult finding a time that works for all students to meet as many are involved in other clubs and activities that are meeting at the same time.” 

Despite all odds, however, Mrs. Kersh continues to push forward and create a community like no other in Nanuet. It’s clear that Nanuet’s GSA club isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“We are also working on creating a Schoology page with supportive and confidential resources for students. Right now, we are working on encouraging more students to join so that we can hope to build connections and continue to spread more awareness about our club and its mission.”