Fundraising for the Future: Classes Find Creative Ways to Raise Funds

Fundraising is known to be a big contributor to each class. Whether it be food fundraisers or donut orders, they raise money for things like prom, or Spirit Week. Even through these unprecedented times, the Nanuet classes are persevering and continuing to come up with ideas, and even going through with some fundraisers. 

Freshman Class President Evelyn Calle says issues related to COVID 19 have had to be factored into fundraising plans. 

“COVID-19 is a big factor when coming up with ideas,” she says. “We try to make sure we are limiting contact and that the ideas are safe, which is very difficult.”

Despite the pandemic, Senior Class President Amy Thomas says the seniors are still trying to raise as many funds as possible, especially with the possibility of prom approaching. 

“So far, we have already had class fundraisers with Gertrude Chocolates and Chili’s,” she says. “In January, we will be having two fundraisers with Moe’s: one where you can purchase take-out kits and one where you can purchase anything offered at the store.”

According to the Sophomore Class President, Heleyna Noval, her class has already had a great turn out for fundraising at Dom’s To Go, here in Nanuet. When asked about her class’ process on how they come up with ideas, she explained that the class advisor will give ideas, class representatives can recommend ideas, and lastly, voting is a big part of the final decisions. 

“Well for starters we have PuraVida bracelets as a fundraiser along with other jewelry, and PuraVida gives back to other charity organizations from the money we give them,” says Noval, explaining what the class plans to do with their money. “The money that goes straight to our class itself [is] for the future in hopes of lowering prom costs so more people can attend with less worries about the cost of tickets and the event itself, as well as hopefully finding a good venue for the future so the Class of 23’ can have a memorable prom.”

The current Junior class has been very successful in fundraising in the past. 

“In the past, we’ve done fundraisers with Carousel Cakes and Krispy Kreme Donuts, which have greatly benefited our class,” says Junior President, Matt Nikac. “This year we would usually work concessions at football or basketball games, however, because of COVID, we unfortunately aren’t able to do that as of right now.”

Instead, the junior class is now selling shirts, he adds.

“We sent out a form to all students and anyone who was planning on purchasing a shirt would fill out the form and hand in money to any of the class officers or our class advisor,” says Nikac.

Even through these hardships of adjusting to our current abnormal reality, the Nanuet classes are working hard to provide safe and effective fundraisers to continue to raise money.