Knight’s Crossing: An Inside Look at Cookies, Coffee, and Community


Students serve the community while gaining practical skills running the Knights Crossing school store.

Nanuet’s School Store, officially known as Knight’s Crossing, has been a hub where students relax and purchase foods and other commodities during the school day. Located right inside the Social Heart, the smell of fresh cookies and hot coffee isn’t far for those on their way to class. Behind the scenes, the School Store serves as an in-house vocational experience for the life skills class.

Knight’s Crossing strives to provide valuable skills to the students who run it while also serving the needs of students and staff looking for a quick treat. The store is run by Ms. Leahy, who previously served as an administrator at George W. Miller, but now serves as the Department Chairperson of Special Education here at the high school. 

But behind the scenes there is a great deal of planning that goes into the management of the school store. 

“There are 5-8 jobs typically within the school store, depending on the time of the month,” Ms. Leahy said. “I plan where each student will be stationed for the week so they can learn the skills associated with that work space and then they improve upon those skills throughout the week. At the end of each month, we inventory every sellable item in the store and complete an inventory valuation sheet. The daily drawer count sheets, daily register cash-out receipts and running total of deposits for the month are provided to the business office.”

Opening at the end of the day, it’s not uncommon to find students with free periods making their way to the social heart to chat and to grab some baked goods, beverages, or even Nanuet spirit apparel. 

Knight’s Crossing is similar to a real business. Workers can find themselves as a clerk, baker, cashier, inventory manager, barista, and more. The decorating of the school store and advertising is largely managed by student workers. Much of the school store is focused on treats, but Nanuet apparel is a large portion of the inventory. Like during previous  years, this year will see the return of the cart, selling goods on the move, running on the first floor, according to Ms. Leahy.

“New items this year include spirit wear,” she said. “We have sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, gaiters, bracelets, masks and more to help show our school spirit! Other new items include healthy options such as: flavored seltzer and vitamin water, nuts, granola bars, Kind bars, popcorn and more.” 

Students of all grades can take advantage of the commodities Knight’s Crossing offers, and they do. Junior Nashita Anis usually swings by during her 8th-period class. The store has a wide variety of cookie flavors, which is perfect for every kind of student, according to Anis. 

“I usually get either a cookie or an iced coffee,” she said. “It’s a good break, and it’s something to eat on the way to class.”

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