The Sun Rises on a New Year for Nanuet’s Golden Knights

Students Gear Up for the 2022-2023 School Year


Owen W

The sun peeks over the trees on the Nanuet High School campus as students prepare for their first day of the new school year. Photo by Owen Whelan.

The 2022-2023 school year began, a day later than expected for students here at the high school. After a slight delay due to a sewage line issue, school is back in full swing. This school year is bringing a number of new changes including newly renovated classrooms in the history/language hallway, the reintroduction of the block schedule with a common lunch, and increased security throughout the building, especially concerning entering and exiting the building. Many students are excited about these new changes and the upcoming year.

The start of the year is always especially exciting for seniors. Between leaving for lunch and free periods, having an array of choices in electives and AP courses, and crafting post-graduation plans, the fall of senior year is very different than every year that precedes it. The new ability to leave campus throughout the day is an  adjustment, but a good one, according to Senior Dylan Lee.

“It’s nice,” he said. “I love the freedom of being a senior. Plus I get to walk my dog in the middle of the day.” 

Seniors must show their student IDs with their name and photo to the security guard at the main entrance upon leaving and returning. They are also required to have parking stickers on their front or back windshields in order to park in the senior lot. There is also only one point of entry in the school starting this year as part of the school’s plan to keep students safe.

Another new practice this year is the block schedule, or the drop schedule. 

The past two years we were unable to accommodate this schedule due to Zoom and other Covid-19 precautions, according to Principal Mahoney. But this year the schedule returns. 

While underclassmen are experiencing it for the first time, returning seniors, like Amanda Drobes, remember it from their first year of high school. 

“I really enjoy it, especially since I don’t have classes on certain days and I have a  free period at different times each day,” she said. 

As students may recall or grow to know, a change in schedule each day can help with spicing up the week and with staying on top of all assignments from each class. The only downside may be a particularly crowded cafeteria with long lines and busy tables, compared to last year when there were three separate lunch periods; now there is only one. 

Nanuet has also renovated a number of classrooms in the history/language hallway, just in time for this school year. The classrooms are equipped with moveable desks that fit together in groups, couches, new gold chairs, new floors, and black drawers lining the walls. 

Students like Senior Leah Swanwick appreciate the flexibility the new desks offer during classes. 

“It’s really nice that some of the teachers are making the tables into groups for us to talk and share ideas throughout class,” she said. 

History, Criminal Justice, and Public Affairs teacher Mr. Masterson, whose classroom was remodeled, shared with his classes that the rooms seem to mimic college classrooms or study spaces; they seem to promote discussion and creativity. The school also likely plans to eventually continue updating more classrooms, as the general response has been positive so far.

That’s not all students are excited about this year. 

“Besides the new classrooms, the biggest thing I’m excited for is the fall show and spring musical,” Swanwick added. “It’s a great way to connect with other grades, and I urge everyone to give it a shot at least!” 

Along with the fall play, which was announced to be Twelve Angry Jurors, on the first day of school, clubs and school sports are beginning. The annual club fair will be held during common lunch on Friday September 16th, and Nanuet’s Instagram accounts @NanuetBlackSunrise and @NanuetBlackGold post updates on varsity and JV sports that students and families may attend in support of Nanuet athletes. 

Though the end of summer and start of school may be bittersweet, the first few weeks of school tend to evoke an array of emotions. Students may be overwhelmed by chaos, or nervous for new classes during the upcoming months. However, the anticipation of all that is yet to come, like the homecoming dance and football games, is in the air now. 

Nanuet students are ready to tackle the new year that is on the horizon.