From Coach to Teacher: Mr. Hilario Launches his Teaching Career at Nanuet

Mr. Cristian Hilario may be new to many of the students here at Nanuet Senior High school. But many of the staff and students already know him. Before officially working at Nanuet, he did his student teaching with Mrs. Melissa Barnes and Mrs. Lacey Ross from 2021 through 2022, then went on to teach for some time at Pearl River High School for an English teacher leave replacement. 

Now, Mr. Hilario is back at Nanuet, with his own English classes since the start of this school year, and according to him, he could not be happier about it. 

Mr. Hilario is a new English 9 and 10 teacher here at Nanuet Senior High School, whose inspiration to become an English teacher came during his own time in school as a student. Both his personal interests in the subject and the encouragement of teachers helped shape his career, he explained.

“It was a dream come true,” Mr. Hilario said. “I have wanted to be at Nanuet since I first began coaching here in 2019, so to finally achieve that goal was a truly amazing feeling.”  

Part of that wonderful feeling of being back in Nanuet came from being able to work with all his new colleagues in the English department, according to Hilario, especially those who aided in the beginning of his teaching journey.

“Getting to meet and work with the teachers in the English department,  specifically Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Barnes, and Mrs. Masterson, the things that I learned from them will stick with me forever,” he said. “I’m truly blessed to be able to begin my career working with them.”

His love of English and the memories from teachers who inspired him are always on his mind when working with his students, he added.

“I decided to become a teacher when I was a junior at North Rockland High School,” Mr. Hilario said. “The decision came after forming an amazing relationship with some [of the] greatest teachers that truly inspired me to become a teacher.” 

It was during those early years of life that Mr. Hilario decided on his future career path, he explained. 

“I found a love for reading when I was in middle school and I really enjoyed English in high school,” he said. “I decided to major in English after my freshman year of college. I did my undergrad at The College of Mount Saint Vincent, and earned my Master’s degree at Saint Thomas Aquinas College (STAC).” 

According to Mr. Hilario, he hopes that he is able to reflect the virtues of his past teachers so that he can inspire his own students in the same way. 

“I have had many great teachers that have inspired me to be patient and empathetic,” he said. “They had genuine care for their students and I try to emulate that.” 

There is a lot more that goes into being a teacher than what students see before them in the classroom, he explained.

“The key to success in teaching is in the planning,” he said. “What you do in front of the students is what they will remember you for, but what you do behind the scenes is what truly defines you as a teacher.”

Finally and most importantly he emphasized how much the sense of community that comes with a teaching career matters to him. 

“My favorite aspect of teaching would be the relationships I get to build with my students, athletes, and the other teachers here at Nanuet Senior High School.” Mr. Hilario said.