Students Reflect on the Holiday Break and Say Goodbye to 2022

2022 is behind us! And whether that sentence left a battered eye or a bright smile, you can’t deny that we are now in 2023. Before we dig into 2023, it is good to reminisce on our last week of 2022.

The holiday break started with cold temperatures forcing all after school activities to be canceled. While some took this opportunity to enjoy a break from sports or other activities, for others it meant packing. Whether it was for a plane ride or a long road trip, it was a time for many students to go on a long-needed vacation. 

For one freshman, Ryan Chen, it meant going on a ski trip with his family. When talking about his first time skiing, he reminisced about his feelings before going down the slope.

“It was very high,” he said. “I was very scared.” 

For another freshman, Shreya Pradeep, she visited the famous tree in Rockefeller Center, as she went to NYC during her break. 

“We were supposed to go ice skating but then there were too many people,” she said. “So then we just saw the tree!”

For others, the holiday break meant more time to work on their winter sport. The wrestling team defeated Clarkstown North and the JV girl’s basketball team won after being down 13 points, adding to their competitive record.

While some had a time with sports or skiing, others were glued to the couch with one or more of the various illnesses that came along with the winter season. 

Sophomore Alyssa Rizzo and freshman Adam Speidel expressed their displeasure with spending their last week of the year, along with the Christmas Holdia, indoors. 

“It started at Christmas,” he said. “So from Christmas to New Years I couldn’t do anything.” 

Meanwhile for Rizzo, her time sick bled into the beginning of school in 2023. 

“I missed a couple days,” she said. But, thankfully, when asked if it was hard to make up the work she replied, “No, it was pretty easy. I still did most of the work at home.”

Now as we enter March of 2023, we can celebrate 2022’s successes or according to sophomore Zachary Young, celebrate a year’s end. When asked if 2023 is going to be better than 2022, Young responded. 

“It’s hard to be worse,” he said.