Dropping the Ball on New Year’s Resolutions: Students & Staff Chime In on Goals for 2023

With 2023 in full swing, New Year’s resolutions and ambitions have gotten their start. The end of quite the eventful 2022, coupled with the fresh start of a new year, is usually the recipe for renewed aspirations for self-improvement. While the New Year’s resolution tradition tends to hold true at Nanuet, students and teachers alike have more mixed responses to this trend this year.

Sophomore Peter Mammen, an honors student as well as an athlete, explains why he chose to sit out of New Year’s resolutions this time around. 

“I never end up following through, even if I did make one,” he said.

He also gave insight on why he thinks other people’s resolutions tend to fail.  

“They always start the year with so much hope, then they realize they can’t make change because they set it too high,” according to Mammen. 

On a more spirited note, orchestra co-teachers and dynamic duo Ms. Melanie Sadoff and Ms. Nurkit Lucksom spoke on their resolutions as well. They explained the origin story for their ongoing inside joke, giving us a peek into the ins and outs of their friendship. 

“So Ms. Sadoff, this was totally her idea,” said Lucksom. “As we walked past BJ’s brewhouse for dinner and we looked over and she was like ‘24 Hour Fitness? New Year’s Resolution?’ because you’re right next to it.”

“But it was basically an off-the-cuff joke, to be like ‘oh, 24 Hour Fitness?’” Sadoff assured.

“Have not signed up yet,” added Lucksom. 

“We’ve never gone in the building,” said Sadoff. “It wasn’t a S.M.A.R.T. goal, as much as you’re taught to make S.M.A.R.T. goals.” 

This acronym stands for a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely, according to Ms. Sadoff. She mentioned how this system is oftentimes pushed during the New Year, but her personal experiences go against this mainstream suggestion. 

“I do think one of the things that has helped me generally with New Year’s Resolutions is to have more attitudes and mindsets rather than behaviors,” she said. “One thing I want to do is to have more space for me time. Finding time to write poetry, being in nature, all of those things that bring me joy.”

Ms. Sadoff doesn’t plan on subscribing to a goal like exercising for 30 minutes every other day, she explained. While in theory this sounds ideal, the real world implications tell a different story, according to her.

“Those sorts of things, to me, feel stifling,” she said. 

Wrapped up in their witty retellings and banter, the pair shared heartfelt advice about taking care of one’s self. 

“I think that joke to sign up for 24 Hour Fitness, it’s really just that goal of being healthier,” said Ms. Lucksom. “It’s harder to do that in general in the winter, with heavy hectic schedules, just to make those choices.”

Sleeping more in 2023 is important, and prioritizing health in a more holistic way is the way to go, the duo agreed. 

“Both mental and physical health are very important,” said Ms. Lucksom.