Fall Athletes are Recognized at the Annual Varsity Awards Dinner


Kate Gleeson-Feldman

Fall athletes closed out the season Nov. 9 with their annual Awards Dinner, where they paused to celebrate their hard work from the season.

After a successful fall season of sports, the Nanuet community came together on November 9th to recognize its athletes at the annual Varsity Awards Dinner. The dinner was orchestrated by the Black and Gold Club Varsity Dinner Committee to help close the sports season and open a new one.

The fall sports dinner featured awards including the Sportsmanship Award, Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and various other section and league awards. Coaches and other athletes gave speeches on the triumphs of the season and were able to recognize players for their hard work. 

The 2022 Spring dinner was the first year where the traditional dinner was changed. Previously hosted by the coaches, this was the first time the event was hosted by the athletes, a new system that was repeated this fall. Select athletes were chosen to represent the athletic community in Nanuet and speak on behalf of the coaches. These athletes are part of Knights of The Round Table. 

Sierra Banton is a senior at Nanuet who is currently interning in the athletic office under Athletic Director and Coach Phil Carbone. According to Banton, the Knights of The Round Tables job is, “to be the face of Nanuet Athletics who help and inspire the younger knights and our peers.” 

These select athletes showcase their involvement and dedication with their Varsity Dinner speeches to reflect on the season. As an intern, Banton explained that her experience was one of a kind and expressed her gratitude for this opportunity. 

“It’s an eye opening experience,” she said. “I never realized how much effort and time goes into just putting on a game.” 

She plans on using this experience in the future as she hopes to major in Sports Management, according to Banton.

Back to back football MVP and team captain James Moran, a senior, said he was excited to close the season with another dinner, which he described as an exciting new way to keep everyone engaged in the speeches. He added that seeing his team members give speeches is a rewarding way to end the season. However, according to Moran, if he could change the dinner to an individual team dinner he would.

“Coaches don’t want the dinner to take forever so they do not give recognition to multiple individuals who absolutely deserve it,” he said. 

Still, athletes get put up for many awards and are recognized for their talents and triumphs during the season. 

Contrary to Moran’s views, senior girls soccer captain and MVP Abigail Daly said she loves being in a group setting amongst other teams. She enjoys being able to hear about other sports and allowing others to hear about her team’s accomplishments. 

“All the memories from this season and being with my friends everyday is going to be sad to let go of,” she said.

The dinner is an important event in wrapping up the athletics season. Beneath what friends and families hear about the dinner are the lifelong memories made throughout the season, according to Daly, who added that she will miss playing high school soccer in the future. 

“The time you spend with your teammates is irreplaceable,” she noted. “From all the pasta parties to game-winning goals, the memories are amazing.”