From Qatar to Nanuet Classrooms, The World Cup Was a Total Score


The World Cup is always a special time, with larger-than-life soccer players taking to the silver screen once every four years. With 26 million people tuning into Argentina’s victorious finale, it’s safe to say that the World Cup makes quite the splash. Although the World Cup usually takes place during the summer, the decision to play in Qatar posed dangerously high temperatures and droughts. 

As a result, it  took place during the school year this time around. Although the summertime tends to garner more hype, this switch didn’t stop smiles and celebrations from ringing through Qatari stadiums and Nanuet classrooms alike. After so much joy, community, and celebration, it seems that Argentinians aren’t the only ones celebrating. 

Mr. Scott Fiorentino, a Physical Education teacher who is new to Nanuet, offered his thoughts and insights on the student body’s involvement with the World Cup. 

“I’ve noticed a big trend with laptops out and phones out constantly checking the scores,” he said. “As a Phys Ed teacher, it’s nice.” 

The hype and attention surrounding the event, according to him, was much greater than in previous years.

“I think social media is helping with that big time,” he said. “It’s just creating more interest, and I love interest in sports.“

Mr. Fiorentino also commented on the fact that the World Cup will take place in North America in 2026. With all of the action on our side of the globe, he has his predictions for how it will all play out. 

“Seeing that it’s not on this side of the world, and there’s so much interest, I can only imagine that there’ll be even more interest when it’s in these time zones and has easier accessibility,” he says.

With students highly engaged in the highs and lows of their favorite teams and athletes, it’s safe to say that Mr. Fiorentino appreciates the enthusiasm. 

“I think it’s blowing up, and I think it’s great.”

The World Cup is always an enjoyable time for Ashly Ramirez-Cortado, a senior, who expressed lots of appreciation for the games.her. 

“The fact that it was during the school day made it more interesting,” she said. “Everyone was invested and it felt like it connected people.” 

The student excitement and fervor made the World Cup even more memorable, according to Ramirez-Cortado, who added that people would gather to watch the games together during lunch in the Media Center. 

“Wherever you looked there was someone watching the game,” she said. 

Soccer player Aiden Silverstein, a current junior, also shared his perspective. 

“I love the world cup,” he said. “I think it’s a very exciting experience and I think it’s very memorable. It only happens every four years and it makes for a very special occasion when people can gather around and watch something special.”

Brigitte Guaman, a senior and football fan, also commented on the impact of the World Cup. 

“I think that for this year especially, the World Cup is really meaningful,” she said. “It’s the last World Cup that we will see with each other, and it’s a last for several popular players who are loved by many.” 

The Cup has also made the classroom experience more exciting and jovial, according to Guaman. eWith everyone cheering and celebrating together, she explained how unifying this was for the class of 2023. 

“It’s weirdly gotten me closer to friends, and it’s allowed me to open up to others,” she said. “When we sometimes get to watch matches in class, I can’t help but feel connected to the rest of the class.”

It’s safe to say that Guaman, like many others, is going to look back at this global event with nostalgia years from now. 

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s going to miss it when it’s over,” she said. 

Yassine Znaidi, an esteemed football enthusiast and current senior, said that having the World Cup take place during School hours has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“ I’m sure all football lovers including myself risked trouble to watch the beautiful game and even some teachers sacrificed class time to put on the games,” said Znaidi. 

According to Znaidi, he dedicated every sliver of free time to keeping up with the World Cup. 

“For all my friends I’ve been the one to go to for all match news and updates, and I’ve also been watching the games during class time with my friends whenever possible,” added Znaidi.

Adding onto the spirited sentiment, Znaidi also echoed how unifying it was to have a universal topic of conversation at school. 

“For me, I love the fact that football is on everyone’s minds and one could pick up a conversation with their friends simply about the most recent game or any high profile players, notably Leo Messi,” said Znaidi.

Znaidi also talked about his appreciation for his friends and teachers, who gave lots of support to the team closest to his heart, Morocco. Although Morocco was a major underdog this time around, the team made history.

“I felt the love from my friends this whole time, especially Mr. Cohen, who would ask me about Morocco whenever they played and would always propose new rules to the game, much to my humor,” he said. 

All in all, this World Cup has been exceptionally historic. The unforgettable combination of high-profile players, exciting games, and schoolwide support has surely created the recipe for a World Cup to remember. 

“It has also been noted as the final world cup for many legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Luis Suarez, and more,” said Znaidie. “Of course every World Cup needs a Cinderella story, and this year it was my beloved Morocco who won people’s hearts.”