Students Enjoyed a Snow-Day Pause on Virtual Learning During December Nor’easter

Every kid looks forward to a snow day — that moment when they wake up and their parents tell them that school is cancelled. On December 17, New York got hit with a major snowstorm. Nanuet students were anxious to hear whether they would have a traditional snow day or if they would have a virtual school day, and many were thrilled to hear that school was cancelled. 

“I was so relieved when I found out we would be having a traditional snow day with no virtual learning because I really needed a break from the stress of school” says junior Emma Lanks. “I enjoyed getting to sleep in and relax the most”.  

Her brother T.J., a sophomore, said he was also excited when he heard the news. 

“I was happy that the administration decided to allow the students to enjoy a typical snow day,” says T.J. “I was glad that I could enjoy a break from school work.” 

Students expressed that they were excited about having the day off so that they could spend time with family.

“When you are doing virtual school, a majority of your day is filled with doing schoolwork, says sophomore Noor UL Huda. “You miss out on doing things with family.”  

The three students interviewed all feel that keeping the traditional snow day was exactly what students needed this year. 

“It is important for us to continue to have traditional snow days because it makes school feel a little more normal.” says Emma Lanks. “It is such an important aspect of school, especially for the elementary students. There is no better feeling than waking up and finding out you have a day off because of the snow.” 

Another factor that was taken into consideration was connection issues that might have occurred if schools had remained open during the storm. 

“Whether internet connection is lost or power lines fall, it can be hard to learn virtually after a storm,” says T.J Lanks. 

It’s hard to say what the upcoming forecast will bring for the rest of this winter season, but these students are positive that they will make the most of any future snow days this year delivers.