Discovering Passions During Lockdown

Abby Morgan Discovers her Top Ten Favorite Things

Spending months in lockdown has given everyone time to learn more about themselves. I’ve really noticed the things I feel passionate about, and what I care for. Getting to know yourself more than you thought, has given me a different, more positive outlook on life. You get to be aware of what makes you happy. Here are ten things that make me happy. 

1. My cats, Leo and Sebastian 

I’ve always had a pet in my house growing up. When my cat Jake died in 3rd grade, it took time to realize he was gone. About 4 years ago, we adopted two new cats from a shelter. They’ve become my best friends, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

2. Harry Styles, everything about him

Like most girls, I was obsessed with the band One Direction growing up (And still am!) Now that they each make solo music, I’ve grown to love Harry Styles even more. From his music and movies, he is a great role model. He also is very vocal on issues happening around the world and has taught people to be themselves and express who they are which I really admire. 

3. Dance

As long as I can remember. I have been a dancer. Starting as a 3 year old and now still pursuing it, dance feels like my escape. The friends I’ve made from it are more like family, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I know when I’m stressed or sad, I can go to dance and let it go, even if it’s just for a few hours.

4. My bed

If you gave me the chance, I could sleep forever. Any down time I get, I mainly spend it sleeping or napping. The thought of just relaxing and slowly drifting off to sleep makes me happy. 

5. Food, any type

Personally, I’ve always had a big appetite. As a little kid, I was never a picky eater, I give every food a try, which could be my downfall too. I enjoy baking and cooking, although I’m not the best at it. 

6. My record player

Listening to music is something I do various times a day. Specifically on my record player. My family has always considered me “An old soul.” Something about collecting vinyls and putting a record on is very calming and therapeutic to me. 

7. The world, travelling and exploring

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to travel as much as I have at such a young age. Experiencing new things in different places really is so exciting to me. I love to learn new things about different cultures, and it’s definitely more intriguing when you can be there to see it. 

8. Spending time with my family and friends

Even if it’s over facetime or zoom, catching up with my loved ones fills me with joy. I have a very big but tight-knit family. I try to talk to them as much as I can. Throughout the school day, my friends spam our group chats with funny TikToks and stories. They make me smile.

9. Fashion

I love getting ready and feeling like the best version of myself. Any chance I get to go out, I put in effort to look presentable. I love shopping and clothes in general. Doing my hair and makeup has always been something I’m good at. 

10 Netflix, specifically the show “Gossip Girl”

I love binge watching shows. But, a show I have watched and rewatched multiple times is “Gossip Girl.” It takes place in New York City, which is my favorite part because one day I hope to live in the City. I also love the drama-filled adventures that take place.