A Sneak Peak at How Nanuet HS Students will Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Photo by Arnav Mehta

February 14th is a day that’s known for love, friendship, chocolates and flowers. Every year when this day rolls around, many people spend time with their loved ones. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Nanuet students plan on having a busy day full of companionship. 

Juniors Natalie Conese and Ava Margiotta plan on spending the Monday together. Not having a significant other to spend the day with won’t stop them from having fun, according to Conese and Margiotta. 

“I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, despite never having a date,” said Conese. “I think the holiday is a really cute concept.”

So, if you’re worried about not having a partner to go out to dinner with, there’s so many other options to celebrate the holiday.

“Last year me and Ava decided to hang out, eat our favorite snacks, and watch one of our favorite movies, Flipped,” Conese said. “This year we plan to do the same thing.” 

“You don’t need a date to have a good Valentine’s Day,” she added.

And if you do have a date to hang out with, there are many ways to enjoy the day with your partner. Nanuet has many couples who expect to spend the holiday together.

An eleventh-grade couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, says they have fun plans in the works. 

“Last Valentine’s Day we didn’t get to do anything big because of Covid; we just went out to dinner and came back home to watch a movie and exchange gifts,” they said. 

Because of last year’s restrictions, they plan on making this time around unforgettable, they said. 

“We already have reservations booked for the Melting Pot, which is a fancy restaurant in Westwood, NJ.,” they said. “We also plan on going to a city lookout point to watch the sunset and take in the pretty view.”

Meanwhile, another 11th grade couple has more simple, relaxed plans.

“For Valentine’s Day we are probably going to watch a movie we both haven’t seen before and [order] food,” they said. “Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, so I’m excited to have someone to spend it with this year.”

So, if you want to spend the 14th with your friends or partner, just remember Valentine’s Day is a holiday based on love. Even if you choose to dedicate the day to self-care and spend it alone, you can still make it a special fun-filled day.