Nanuet Students Ponder the Meaning of Love


Art by Trisha Yu

It’s already February, and love is in the air! Today is Valentine’s Day and while people are divided on whether Valentine’s Day is a genuine holiday that everyone likes, the topic of love is something that many seem to have a general opinion on. While a few might see love to be some sort of cheesy thing that is only seen in movies, others seem to think that love is an amazing feeling.

Senior Daniel Bowman defined love in his own words. 

“Love is energy,” he said. “Love helps you through the day. It’s hard to be alone and forgotten, but what gives people meaning is love.” 

Sophomore Taylor Porter also believes that love at first sight is a true feeling. 

“If you’re feeling that kind of reaction for the first time, it’s not your everyday kind of feeling,” she said. “It makes you feel warm and tingly inside.”

According to Junior Evania Mathew, experiencing the emotion of love can change a person.. 

“I really believe so,” Mathew said. “I feel like you get a new perspective of things you wouldn’t really think about and you find different interests with people.”

While people can have a negative perception on what love is and think of it as something meaningless, it seems as if many students at Nanuet feel the opposite about it. Many seem to have overall positive outlooks on love, what it means to them, and what exactly it can mean to others.