Blooming for Spring Break: Nanuet Students and Staff Look Forward a Week Off


A well deserved break for our students and staff is right around the corner. Who doesn’t love spring break? With the pleasurable weather, there are so many exciting ways to spend the time off. 

Junior Leah Swanwick shared her exciting plans.

“For spring break, my family and I are driving down to Orlando, Florida,” she said. “We are staying for about a week.” 

Swanwick and her family will also visit Universal Studios and Disney World. 

“I am very excited because Disney World is one of my favorite places to go,” she said.

Nanuet’s very own, Mr.Masterson, discussed how he and his family plan to spend their time off.

We plan on visiting the beach and NYC for day trips,” he said. “I will have to travel with my daughter for soccer on one of the weekends to southern NJ for a soccer tournament.”

The Masterson family is financially aware, and wants to travel while keeping money in mind, Masterson explained. 

We plan on driving to these places although the cost of gas is extremely high and it might reduce the number of places we go or encourage us to use public transportation,” he said.

Visiting colleges is on the agenda for Senior Brendan Bennett, who is devoting a big portion of his time to exploring schools for his future..

“My family and I are flying to Louisiana to visit Louisiana State University,” he said. “We only plan to spend about a day there.”

Louisiana isn’t the only Southern state Bennett is traveling to.

“We are also going to see James Madison University in Virginia,” he said. “We will be driving down there.”

Bennett expressed his enthusiasm to finally go see his top schools.

“I am itching to finally commit to a school, so I’m very excited to go see these schools and make my decision,” he said.

So, whether you are traveling over break, or plan on sleeping the days away in your bed, we can all agree this time off is much needed.