Student Spotlight: Jayden Rodriguez Helps Shape the Social Dynamic at Nanuet HS


Rodriguez poses for a picture in front of the High School.

Junior Jayden Rodriguez, a star of the stage as well as a social and choral icon, has been in the Nanuet School District since the 4th grade. Rodriguez has a significant impact on the school through his involvement in the student body through clubs and school spirit. Coming from the Bronx, Rodriguez got his start in 2013 in Highview Elementary school.

“I definitely think the transition to move here offered me a better education and a more comfortable environment filled with various opportunities, activities, and challenges,” said Rodriguez. 

Since here, he has made a name for himself. Notably a star in this year’s play, Legally Blonde, his time on the stage has fostered community in the Nanuet atmosphere for both students and teachers. Rodriguez’ openness and impact on the school atmosphere extends to his groundbreaking efforts in the school community, as he goes above and beyond to stand out and encourage others to be the best they can.

“Fostering a sense of community where everyone can be themselves and be comfortable and strong in a school environment is something I strive for everytime I enter Nanuet Senior High School,” he said. “I have been open about my sexuality since the first day of my Freshman year and this has definitely helped me in creating an environment around myself and Nanuet.”

Rodriguez’ impact goes beyond the classroom, as he also participates in the School’s Drama Society, Concert Choir, and WIN efforts, as well as other school clubs. 

“Clubs like WIN, INTERACT, and Drama have helped me get involved and find a different perspective,” he said. “It has been so fun to work with others on hands-on projects that make a difference for other people and bring some type of joy for those who may be having a rough time, mentally, or from the effects of COVID-19.”

Many students view high school as a day in, day out experience, however, for students like Jayden, life at Nanuet can be a more abstract and dynamic experience.

“I view high school as a creative art piece,” he said. “There are hundreds of thousands of artists in the world who create art with different meanings and symbols. Each student is an art piece, with their own individual personalities, mistakes, and goals. Every art piece is not the same, but there are some art pieces that are similar in character with similar features.”

Rodriguez points to teachers such as Mr. Carlos Fidalgo for influencing his career choice. As an aspiring school counselor, he seeks opportunities beyond the classroom and explains how Nanuet helped him find himself.

“Mr. Fidalgo assigns a lot of hands-on projects that allow students to conduct research and create creative projects that you establish individually or with others,” he said. “The class environment is very hands-on through presentations, and class discussions. It didn’t take me long to adapt to this learning style, but I will definitely carry all the skills Mr. Fidalgo taught me for the rest of my life in researching and public speaking.”

In all aspects of the school environment, Rodriguez continues to learn and be involved. According to Rodriguez, being involved in school activities was one of the core aspects of Nanuet that opened the opportunity for him to make a difference.

“To be a part of clubs, extracurriculars, and the social dynamic of high school could make a difference in just getting involved and using your power to make a difference,” he said.

Regardless of where he goes, Jayden Rodriguez is sure to shake up the atmosphere of Nanuet in a good way. 

“I think it’s time to recognize my hard work and how I’m making an impact and changing the social dynamic at Nanuet,” he said.