How Two Nanuet Students Are Dealing With Distance Learning

Toni Phillips

To no one’s surprise, distance learning has greatly affected the daily lives of everyone. The people most affected, however, are arguably students. Not only do they have to cope with the anxieties and stress of the pandemic, but they are also juggling school work (which, not to mention, is being assigned in a new way). Two Nanuet Senior High School sophomores, Sanam Tabassum and Olivia Milton, described their new routines for us.

Both girls have said that they try to maintain their usual routines. Most of the day is consumed by schoolwork accompanied by frequent breaks. “Sometimes, though,” Sanam said, “homework takes all day because for some classes you kind of have to teach yourself.”
They both feel that the workload has been manageable. But, as one would expect, there are students that get a bit behind in some classes. Given the unprecedented situation, it’s normal to be in a funk and not be motivated to complete hours upon hours of school work. Olivia said that at times she faces a conundrum in which she finds herself doing more work in one class, causing her to fall behind in other classes.

When asked how they are managing their school work, both students have stated that they prioritize their assignments based on due dates. They’ve also stressed the importance of AP European History, on account of there being an exam in just a few weeks. This year’s exam will be a 45-minute essay, meaning students must adjust their test prep to this new time constraint.
Finally, the girls were asked what they do when they aren’t working. They’ve been texting and calling their friends and family whom they can’t see due to the pandemic. Sanam stated that she’s taken up baking now with all of her free time. Olivia said that when she’s not doing school work, she’s doing chores, cooking, listening to music, and playing with her younger brothers.

Despite all these changes, our Nanuet students are maintaining a sense of normalcy and optimism. They’ve found ways to adapt to the situation and will continue to work hard. As frequently as the phrase has been used, it is very important to remember that everyone is going through these trying times together.