Mrs. Logan and the Life Skills Class Join with People to People to Support the Community

The People to People Fundraiser that happens every holiday season has easily become the cornerstone for each December here at Nanuet Senior High School. For the past 21 years, Mrs. Logan and the Life Skills classes have teamed up with different local organizations to aid those in need within the Nanuet community. 

Whether it be basic necessities such as essential toiletries or gifts for the families and kids, Nanuet’s School Community has helped in innumerable ways. Essential toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, tissues and so many others can be hard for those who are struggling to get on their own. In addition, many of those who get aid from People to People wanted to provide their kids with toys and such for the holidays. 

This brings us to the other half of the donations: board games, puzzles, card games, etc. Both of these supply so much joy to those who are struggling during the holidays. Donations of money and gift cards, as well, were extremely helpful because the Life Skills class here at Nanuet utilizes financial donations to learn about budgeting and shopping for a cause. Both parties benefit. 

This year was like no other in terms of fundraising challenges. Due to COVID-19, this year it was more difficult than ever to promote and encourage these donations. With a large portion of the student body virtual, many do not hear the daily announcements or see fundraising posters in the halls. This provided a great dilemma on how to get out information to students. This factor, combined with the blizzard that occurred right before the donation deadline in December created difficulties, as well.  

Despite that, the school was able to raise a total of $3,350 in cash or checks, which was then used to purchase gift cards or actual items for families in need within the community. 

“I really didn’t know what to expect this year because we have been hybrid and virtual, we’re in, we’re out,” Mrs. Logan said. “But the response was wonderful. Everybody really contributed.” 

Mrs. Logan and the Life Skills class are not the only ones working with these donations and fundraisers. Each year, this project definitely involves more than anyone would expect. The Special Ed Department, Ms. Tidd, The Nanuet West Nyack Rotary, The Nanuet Teachers Association, Women’s Issues Now and The Model UN are just a few of the organizations that support raising donations for People to People each year. Women’s Issues Now and Interact, have in the past adopted specific families for whom to fundraise gifts and toiletries. Additionally, teachers, alumni, and administrators all unite to put work into this by volunteering their time and donating. These amazing contributions, of course, are in addition to student and family donations from the school and broader community of Nanuet. 

“This is definitely a whole district project,” Mrs. Logan said. 

Additionally, Mrs. Logan partnered with The Nanuet Family Resource Center to identify families in need and ensure that each was provided with either gift cards or actual holiday gifts for children. The Life Skills class and Mrs. Logan put in the work, did online shopping and persevered through these donations during the pandemic. All of this was even more important in a year with more families in need than ever, according to Mrs. Logan, adding that she had no idea how much they would be able to achieve this year.

“I said whatever we get, we get, and the response was phenomenal,” she said. “The school community, the students, the parents, it was just phenomenal. We set out to help as many people as we could help and we were able to do so much more than I thought we would.”