It’s Spooky Season at Nanuet: Halloween Traditions Return After a Covid Hiatus

It’s Spooky Season at Nanuet: Halloween Traditions Return After a Covid Hiatus
Art by Sophomore Emerson Rahaim

Seniors should get their costumes ready for a parade this Friday. 

It is late October, and Halloween, a time of fun and excitement amongst students, is quickly approaching. This year, the Halloween season will hopefully feel more normal than in past years, and many students are eager to celebrate and have fun. Many questions have been raised as to how the school will take on the anticipated event, especially concerning the Senior Halloween Parade.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, the Seniors dressed up and paraded through the hallways to celebrate Halloween each school year, but this year, the possibility of the parade being held was questioned by many.

Recently, High School administration announced that the traditional parade will be held, along with some additional festivities, according to Mr. Mahoney, principal of the High School.

“We have a tradition here at Nanuet where the senior class dresses up for Halloween,” he said. “The Senior Halloween Parade will be held on October 29th, and the senior class will also participate in a costume contest with categories such as ‘Cutest,’ and ‘Funniest,’ and ‘Best All Around.’”

Administration at Nanuet has been trying to emphatically bring back many traditions held by the school that were delayed or stopped due to the pandemic. From the Homecoming Dance, to the Brown Jug Game, to Halloween, the high school wants to create a needed sense of normalcy this school year, Mr. Mahoney added.

“When you have good traditions, they enhance the school environment and school culture, and they enhance the feeling of belonging that is so important at a small school like Nanuet,” he said.

A lighthearted event like Halloween is exciting for all students and faculty, especially after they had to miss out on festivities last school year. Mr. Mahoney said he enjoys watching the senior class celebrate together each school year.

“Honestly, my favorite part of Halloween at school each year varies from class to class, but I am always amazed by the respect students show each other on Halloween,” he said. “I like to see seniors in High School having fun and dressing up as if they were young.”

Megan Gillespie, a senior, is pleased to hear the school’s plans for Halloween this year. She plans to make the most of the upcoming spooky season.

“This year for Halloween I don’t have any definite plans yet, but me and my friends are thinking of getting together and watching scary movies,” she said. “I am very excited for the parade and to see what fun costumes everyone will do.”

Apart from the senior class, students of all ages celebrate the holiday in many other ways each year. From spending time with friends, to going to costume parties, to eating candy, students find different ways to thoroughly enjoy the holiday.

Xavier Guaman, a junior, described his plans for Halloween this year. Spending time with friends and going out in public are great ways to celebrate, according to Guaman.

“Usually, I don’t celebrate Halloween, because it just isn’t celebrated in my family, but this year is going to be different,” he said. “I plan on hanging out with friends, [and maybe going] bowling.”