Student Senate Seeks Stockings for Soldiers Donations to Spread Cheer this Holiday Season


Trisha Yu

Donations to Stockings for Soldiers spreads cheer and appreciation to troops overseas during the holiday season. Image created by Trisha Yu.

For many of us, the holiday seasons are best spent together with family and friends. However, for many of our troops around the globe, they may not have the chance to be able to be in person with their loved ones during these special events. Instead, students in the high school can show their support for our troops by donating items to the Stockings for Soldiers fundraiser. 

Organized by the Student Senate since 2016, Stockings for Soldiers is a national effort to send care packages to the men and women serving in the military. First organized 18 years ago by Bronx community leader, Aunt Cathy Praino, who lost a beloved nephew during the war in Afghanistan, the cause to show support for our troops has only spread throughout schools in New York. 

Mrs. Peggy Panker, who is in charge of the Student Senate, first heard of the charity from her own son’s school. The importance of this cause is truly impactful for both us as Americans and for our troops around the globe, according to Mrs. Panker.

“It is important that our troops know that we are proud of them and we are thinking of them,” continued Mrs. Panker. “They make a great sacrifice to protect our freedoms and it is nice for us to let them know we appreciate their sacrifice.”

Although a bar of soap or a pair of socks may not seem like much for most people, for soldiers who are away from their families, it reminds them that they are remembered and appreciated by the civilians they represent. 

Students can also feel free to donate anything they would like, including t-shirts, hair care supplies, small snacks, toiletries, or pen and paper for Stockings for Soldiers. Most meaningfully, they are also encouraged to add a handwritten note alongside their gifts, to create a more personal connection with the receiver. 

“Basic grooming products would be ideal,” Mrs. Panker added. “It is also nice to send a card thanking them for their service.”

For a complete list of items students can donate, reference the flier for the charity:   It is also recommended that students put their donations in a large Ziploc bag and label them either male or female. 

For some, this charity might spark a desire to do more year-round to help soldiers and veterans. Students can always volunteer in a variety of organizations in order to do so. In fact, joining clubs both inside and outside of school can make a big difference.

“Writing letters and cards that can be shared throughout the year and volunteering at a Veterans’ organization are great ways to support soldiers aside from Stockings for Soldiers,” said Mrs. Panker.

For more information, feel free to contact Mrs. Panker at [email protected] before the deadline at the end of October. Donations can be made now through October 28.