Students and Staff Dish on the Reason for the Season


Art by Isabel Gallegos.

Thanksgiving season has arrived in Nanuet! Students and teachers are teeming with excitement, as family plans and gratitude come full circle. After two years of travel restrictions and health scares, Nanuet Senior High School is celebrating their thankfulness in full swing. 


Gabriella Surace, a senior, said that this year she is excited to visit family. 


“I’m going to my aunt’s house, and my Nonna is cooking a lot,” she said. “I get to see my cousins that I never see.”


Although the traditional savory Thanksgiving menu isn’t her cup of tea, Surace said she loves indulging in her own home-baked chocolate desserts. In fact, each family member’s special dish brings a sense of sentimental value, according to Surace, who said it’s the gathering of family members and the delicious foods that she looks forward to the most. 


When asked what she was thankful for this year, Surace’s answers covered all of the bases. 


“My family  and Ms. Ussi,” she said, before quickly adding, “ “Taylor Swift! I am so thankful for my Taylor Swift tickets that are now selling for $2000.” 


Chemistry teacher Mr. Michael Pepe expressed his thanks in an honest and endearing way, reflecting over his past Thanksgiving celebrations. 


“Pumpkin pie,” he answered, when asked what he is most thankful for. “And being with my family. I guess you have to say that, too.” 


“I am thankful for my students,” Mr. Pepe said, adding to his heartfelt sentiment. “All my students. Without them I wouldn’t have a job.”


Mr. Pepe also spoke about his fond childhood memories, reminiscing about his father’s extendable dinner table and having family members over to celebrate together. 


“What I’m most thankful for, is that everybody in my family is currently healthy and able to see each other,” he said. “We are able to get back together now.”