Mrs. Wolfe Is Excited To Be Back In Nanuet

Toni Phillips

Nanuet Senior High School has welcomed a number of teachers to the building this year. One such teacher is Mrs. Wolfe, a special education teacher. It would be more appropriate to say she has returned to the school, as she attended Nanuet schools and graduated from Nanuet High School. In fact, she said that her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Collins, left an “everlasting impact” on her and was the catalyst for her passion. According to Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Collins made her feel proud of herself, and she wanted to emulate that same quality. Mrs. Wolfe just knew she wanted to help the people around her reach their full potential.

Mrs. Wolfe is in charge of running the school store. When asked about the year so far, Mrs. Wolfe had nothing but good things to say. “It’s wonderful,” she enthused, “High school is new to me but I feel like I’ve been here for years.” She is also very excited about the current and prospective success of the school store. She described the high school as a “wonderful environment” and is more than satisfied with her time here so far.

When asked if she saw herself teaching here for a long time to come, Mrs. Wolfe did not hesitate at all to answer “absolutely”. She is hopeful to work in the school until she retires.

“It’s surreal that I’m back to where I went to high school,” exclaimed Mrs. Wolfe at the end of the interview. “I’m grateful to be back where I learned the most in my childhood.”