Nanuet Muffin Day: Worth All the Hype


Nanuet is famous for its delicious Friday muffins. Everyone loves when muffin day rolls around at the end of the week; it’s something students look forward to throughout their day. The variety of flavors leaves so many options for students to choose from when Friday finally arrives. Muffin days are definitely most people’s favorite day.

The atmosphere that muffins create in this school on Fridays is unmatched, and truly makes Nanuet unique. 

Alumni Amanda Morgan, class of 2020, believes muffins made her experience as a student here memorable.

“Fridays were always my favorite day of the week in high school,” she said. “Muffins were a great way to end the long week. It sounds kind of funny, but that breakfast had to be one of my favorite aspects of Nanuet.”

When her senior year was cut short, Morgan explained how one of the saddest parts was the fact that she wouldn’t eat a muffin again. 

“Obviously that was a devastating time for everyone around the world, but I remember how sad I was that I wouldn’t be able to experience the little things Nanuet had to offer ever again, mostly the muffins,” she said.

But, as luck would have it, she was able to enjoy one last magnificent muffin. 

“At graduation, we each were gifted a muffin, which was such a sweet gesture, and I’ll always remember how excited I was about it,” she said. 

It’s not just alumni who enjoyed memorable muffin days. A poll was posted on The Knight Times website,, which showed some shocking results. 

According to the poll, the flavor “Double Chocolate” took the win over the other flavors, such as“Chocolate Chip,” and “Corn.”

So many students are passionate about school muffins. Being able to enjoy a free delicious breakfast is an underappreciated luxury, according to Junior Ava Margiotta, who is not one to take the delightful Nanuet muffins for granted. 

“No matter how long the line is, I’ll wait on it,” she said, “because the muffins are so worth it.I didn’t even like muffins that much, until freshman year, when I tried one here.”

Whether you love the school muffins, or not (which most people do), we can all agree that muffin day unites the whole school community.