Ms. Kearns’ Clubs Teach and Inspire

Trisha Yu, Features Editor and Staff Writer 

Mrs. Gail Kearns has been a very successful English teacher for almost twenty years, and in addition to her teaching, she directs a variety of unique and inspiring clubs that add much to the school and community.

One of these clubs is The Literary Journal. The Literary Journal provides all students an expressive outlet by creating a yearly magazine that showcases some of Nanuet students’ creative work. Students can submit their original stories, poems, and articles; contribute artwork, photography; or edit their peers’ writing. Just by taking a glimpse through previous years’ magazines, one can really see how talented and imaginative students have proven themselves to be through creative stories, poetry, and artwork. The Literary Journal proves itself to be different because students may not always have the chance to write as freely as they would like during a regular class.

Another of these clubs is Women’s Issues Now (WIN). This club focuses on empowering women and helping to resolve issues that all women may face. Members discuss some of the main issues that young women today encounter, tackling obstacles that are applicable to life outside of school and college. Sometimes, outside speakers share their own personal experiences with club members, adding further depth to those discussions. WIN has done countless things benefiting the women of this community, such as by fundraising to support different county organizations. In the past, WIN has supported the Center for Safety and Change, participated in a Walk for Breast Cancer, and collected donations of supplies for female members of the military. Mrs. Kearns feels very passionate about women’s rights, and this club helps to make a difference.

INTERACT is another of these clubs. INTERACT, which is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, is a service organization that encourages students to be active members of the community and develop leadership skills. Small, seemingly humble actions can really add up to making a difference in the community, and INTERACT illustrates this sentiment very much. Some events that INTERACT helps to hold include Project JOY (a yearly gift-giving charity), the blood drive, as well as any other event that may come up during a particular year.

Overall, Mrs. Kearns’ clubs have added a lot to the school environment in many important ways, whether it be by raising awareness, helping others, or promoting creativity. It is very fortunate that Mrs. Kearns was able to take up leadership of these three clubs and help shape their success. Additionally, Mrs. Kearns believes that it is very beneficial for students to get involved with a club, because clubs provide them with a different kind of atmosphere in which they interact with their peers. By learning things, expressing themselves, and contributing to the school community, students can see an improvement both in their community and in their own character.